We've put together a little map of some Geezer Trails (a/k/a "Half Chance" Trails, because you stand half a chance of getting back OUT all in the same half day, no matter how geezerly you feel). If you click on this map or here, you'll get a larger full-page jpg to mess about with. Go for a little scroll down this page, and we have a little list with video links put together for you.

Note that this map is NOT to scale, is TOTALLY unrealistic geographically-speaking, but is for now the best we can offer, well worth the value at even half the price (*already free*). Look up the trails to check out current conditions, although if the snow's away, you can more easily get into the parking lots, and it is, so you can.

Understand, too, that what few stops on the Kanc (Route 112) actually have composting toilets, there's no running water. And DO have the decency, please, to 'Leave no trace' - little 'white flags of toileting truce' do nothing kind for the scenery, not to mention uncovered solids. So, PLEEEEEEEZZZZZ, learn how to deal with such 'urgencies' in a way that leaves the trail AS CLEAN as you found it. And feel free to carry out anyone else's 'litter' you find; the forest will love you for it! (Or, at least, it won't care less about you for it).

We'll develop this - and perhaps other - maps in time. Feel free to contact us, in any case: SomeLevity (at) yahoo.com.

Oh, and in case you need some real geezer gear, Lark's put some together for you with a whole bunch of other stuff!


FRANCONIA NOTCH: This region boasts some great watery places, like "The Flume" (has an entry fee, but also has a shuttle to help deal with long tour). For The Flume, give yourself a good half day, anyway, just for that.

Boise Rock and its nearby pipe from a spring is where some folks fill their jugs with the great drinking water. Nice cliff views, all from the parking lot.

The Basin and Baby Flume, and Kinsman Falls: Short, easy jaunts with these. Here are a couple half-minute videos of the Baby Flume:

BabyFlume1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDszfEoBTT0

BabyFlume2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKPFra1_sBM

The Basin - BasinFirst - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pR8Do7NgFk; Basin2nd is second set of falls - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zEeW98XO1c. BasinCave is 31sec of the thundering echo of the main event - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaSlEsgK8f0

ROUTE 112/KANCAMAGUS HIGHWAY ("THE KANC") - We recommend stopping in at the top of it (Rte 16 on the Conway side) and see the Saco Ranger Station for freebie little Kanc maps, when permit fees start, and the like, not to mention a "regular" restroom with flush toilets and everything! The composting toilets along the Kanc are NOT open year round, with only a couple exceptions (still subject to change without notice).

Our favorite Geezer Trails include:

Sabbaday Falls: In winter, the water may churn a bit, like in this 1m12s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0xBYsBeYhc

Oliverian Brook Trail was where we saw a very rare ice circle one February, born of cold nights but enough water swirling broken pieces around to look like pizza pans.

The Bear Notch Road (closed Nov-May) has beautiful vistas of the mountains around Bartlett.

Champney Falls is stunning at any time, along with its little sister next door, Pitcher Falls. Champney's popular for ice climbers. We were lucky with spikes to get across the frozen river and stand beneath what would be the Falls before they thawed. But here they are as they'd started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pR8Do7NgFk

Rocky Gorge/Upper Falls Pond: Very fancy rocks and water for the Gorge. Up the hill gently to the Pond makes for a nice vista, with possible views of pitcher plants, frogs, dragonflies and dace (fish) in the summer.

CRAWFORD NOTCH - Park at the Ray Burton overlook for nice view of the Presidentials and Bretton Woods Hotel and/or think about which one you'd like to try hiking: Mt. Willard, Frankenstein Cliff and Trestle, Willey house/Bemis Brook Trail, or Arethusa Falls.

PINKHAM NOTCH - Let's see, Mt. Washington Auto Road (check for fees on that; they also offer a shuttle). Square Ledge and Lost Pond are well equipped with interesting land features and vistas, not to mention moose. In theory, you could do that Ledge plus Glen Ellis Falls in one day.

INTERVALE/CONWAY - Diana's Baths and Cathedral Ledge are both very short and easily doable with plenty of time to spare. Can be a fun combo of a day to visit Ragged Mountain Equipment up the road and International Mountain Equipment down the road into Conway with their consignment rooms and great selections. Further south you can find an EMS and L.L. Bean, closer to Walmart.

A NOTE ABOUT MOOSE: They're around. They're bigger than the both of us. And they don't care.

They're only cute when they're not out to get you. See that bike fender (below)? We kept our senses enough one summer's night to let a car going under the speed limit remain in front of us on our way home one hot night in August a few years ago. A stunt biker Bill spoke with said even he couldn't have (after having tried) stopped in under the 80' he did. Even so, we 'landed' like a baseball in a glove, just barely touching a Jeep's fuel tank guard with our hot tire, while its rear bumper was up (and the moose they hit was weighing down the front/hood).

It was lucky the Jeep's airbag didn't go off, because that's what most often kills car drivers, being trapped behind it while the moose is still crushing the top front of a vehicle. This driver got a nick on his pinky from the broken windshield. The responding cops stopped, then went another mile past us in disbelief that a motorcycle, especially, had survived the collision.

They also, however, were about to let the Jeep driver (who lived some two hours away) just be stranded in the middle of the sticks with no ride, no lodging, nothing while his truck was towed around midnight.

Bill simply borrowed a claw hammer to get the fender uncrimped from the still-fine tire, and the cops were willing to follow us to our place.

This time.

Just saying. Know before you go. Be prepared. And stay safe.

Bill sez the moose nicked his fender and gave him a heart attack. I couldn't believe we were still sitting upright on the motorcycle throughout the whole performance.



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