Yup, since the previous "Old Man" slid off the cliff face, Bill decided it was only fitting for him to step into the role of replacement. He says it's the perfect new career for him, as there's no heavy lifting nor any thinking involved.

You're welcome!

We're just a couple Geezers who manage to get around sometimes.

Favorite hobbies include worm farming, buckskinning, making stuff out of nothing, and rocks. Bill ("Clueless") is the self-proclaimed county nuisance, which isn't very arguable considering he was made official camp nuisance at three rendezvous running, if not more. Who can recall THAT far back, after all?

Gwyn ("Lark") has continued her artwork and driving Bill nuts. He says he lives "somewhere between senility and dementia", so that might explain his fortitude these 25 years.
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